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      This course will feature 40% lecture time and 60% lab time, as is the requirement for NATEF Certification. As such, standard shop rules will be observed including:

  1. The use of open toed shoes is strictly prohibited.
  2. No shorts or sleeveless shirts allowed inthe shop. 
  3. All jewelry should be removed before working in the shop.
  4. "Horseplay" around shop equipment is prohibited.              
  5. Succesfull completion of a safety test is required before a student is allowed in the shop.
  6. Safety glasses must be worn at all times when in the shop.                     


Students of my class are subject to the Chaffey College Code of Ethics and Honor . As such, any student caught cheating will be disciplined as needed immediately. I look forward to helping each and every student reach their educational goal, please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.